Importing has never been so easy

CLEARCUST is the ultimate tool for learning about taxes, tariffs, and other requirements required by the product you want to import, and it also offers a range of advisory services in Foreign Trade, International Logistics, Customs Clearance and Inland Transport that will make your imports easy, safe and above all affordable.

How it works

Search for the product you want to import

Search by product or copy the link to the website of the item (e.g. Alibaba, Ebay, vendor page).

If you do not find the product information you're looking for, request its inclusion in the CLEARCUST database, and within 72 hours your product will already be classified and you will be able to find out everything concerning the import of that item.

Select the country of origin

Now you must indicate the country of origin of the goods to see if there are specific requirements for that particular country as well as tariff restrictions or benefits for the product you are importing.

Obtain all the information you need

Find out taxes, duties, VAT, tariff benefits, restrictions and certificates needed to import the product you want, and anticipate future problems by not being aware of the requirements of goods before deciding to introduce it into Community territory.